Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Where Did Barad Go?

I'm back.  I got busy on a project at work at the same time my trusty Toshiba laptop started having video problems.  Although I also have a smart phone & netbook, neither of those devices suits my preference for doing editing.  If we need more excuses I can rely on the old 'tripped on a rock, sun in my eyes & hole in my glove' series; they never fail.

Being cheap and somewhat tech savvy I decided to repair the laptop myself rather than buy a new one or risk paying someone else money to fix it and have them say it was a lost cause.  The issue seemed to be a video cable, and after many hours of internet research I found one on Amazon for about $20.  More hours of internet research taught me how to disassemble my old beast, replace the cable, and then do the disassemble steps in reverse, sort of.  End result - success!  I am typing this on my old laptop, almost good as new!  I do have three extra screws....  however I know where they went and just didn't need one with the new cable, and couldn't make two of the eight LCD screen holders go back in.  I think it will not fall out with six screws as long as I don't do acrobatics with it.

I'll give a shot at some 4e game updates shortly and maybe find a beer to comment upon.

Happy Summer!

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