Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Near death experience or how did you like the purple worm?

Thirty years of DMing and I finally used a purple worm on a party.  There is nothing else like using one of the iconic monsters.  It swallowed a character and got within one round of sending him to the great beyond.  The party did very well on the attack and damage and it was a good thing for their elven archer who nearly expired.  Seems to be a trend, this character was eaten by a huge frog some adventures ago.  I guess elves just have a reputation for being tasty.

Not that I am gloating or anything about keeping them on the edge of their seats.


  1. Not as tasty as hobbits - ask any bulette!

  2. Speaking for the nearly-digested elf, let me just say that, despite my character's near-death experience, much fun was had by the player.

    The timing of two back-to-back critical hits by the fighter in the party was key, as was a dive into the beast's maw by our paladin/sorcerer.

    It was nice to see an iconic monster, but please, no beholders!

  3. lucky! none of my pcs ever live long enough to see such a creature themselves.

  4. It was a stretch on the CR, which was why it was the first time ever used. We usually do not have characters high enough level to survive one; but a large group, moderate level and some house rules makes it possible. Still, I almost got the elf....


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