Saturday, July 17, 2010

A passable summer ale: Honey Moon by Blue Moon

The last couple of hot weeks we had very hot weather, which changes my appetite away from the heavier full bodied beers.  Sadly I am finding that the supermarkets are carrying fewer and fewer choices and the speciality stores are getting rarer and reducing their hours.  So I gave a try to a Coors product brought to you via the Blue Moon label called Honey Moon.

It is a summer wheat ale brewed with orange and finished with honey added.  It has a clear golden color and pours with only a thin head.  You have to strain yourself to pick up any smells beyond the faint aroma typical to wheat ales.  It tastes like a mild wheat ale, thin but not watery.  It was slightly sweet with the honey, nice but not over powering.  The citrus or orange flavor hovers just out of tasting, I could tell something was there but it was not coming through as orange.  This ale is a smooth drinker with moderate to low carbonation and just over 5% ABV.  

Nothing excitable here, but it is easy to drink and I have not got tired of it.  I must say I have had quite of few of these over the last couple of weeks, they leave you feeling clean enough to have another as you enjoy the summer sun.  It gets a Gnotions rating of passable and pleasing in the right weather.



  1. I like the Sierra Nevada Summerfest brew. It's is a very crisp, slightly floral, brew and quite a departure from the other Sierra Nevada products.

    The other day I had a Magic Hat, summer ’10, Odd Notion. I tasted banana in a beer for the first time. Of course, there is no banana in the beer. The taste is created by the yeast and wheat combination. I should hope you can find a Magic Hat mixed 12 pack in the neighborhood of New England?

    I've been drinking my latest homebrew this past week. It's a hefeweizen and is not too shabby.

  2. @Chris - I find that I don't care for most Sierra Nevada brews that I have tried. I don't recall trying the Summerfest, but that may be me avoiding the brand altogether. If I have the option, I will try that particular brew.

    Being so close to Vermont, Magic Hat beers are readily available in most stores here. Though the selection is usually limited to Number Nine, a seasonal, and a seasonal variety pack. I really like Number Nine, and purchase that several times a year. I have had less luck with their other concoctions. I find they miss more than they hit. (I should have done a review of Wacko - that would have had a no recommendation). Ever the optimist, I purchase the variety pack only to be disappointed by half the contents. Ah, such is the life of the beer adventurer. :)

    I have not done homebrews. It is more time than I am willing to invest and there are so many beer choices without that. Part is the volume. I drink such a variety of libations that I would be hard pressed to finish the home brew while enjoying other beers, wines & whisk(e)y. Now, if only my neighbors would make home brews... that would be different.

    Thanks for posting. Cheers!

  3. Magic Hat tries some "odd" combinations in brewing but that's the trend in modern brewing. I enjoy their dark beers or ales more than the wheat styles. Until recently I wasn't a fan of wheat beers and I still prefer pub ales or lagers to whit bier.

    Magic Hat #9 is one of the top 5 beers in North America and I actually like Wacko. It's nice to chat about beer with a fellow rpg blogger. I feel there's a Magic Hat beer review in my blogging future!

  4. Chris - who's ranking has #9 in the top 5 in North America? I won't argue it is quite good, but wondering who rated it.

    I am a fan of most beer styles. The only one that really turns me away is IPA, I cannot get past over the top hops taste. Wheat beers, lagers, dark beers, stouts, all find favor in my taste buds.

    I'll look for your Magic Hat review.


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