Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old Speckled Hen vs. Dead Guy

We stopped by a fun theme pub last night - The Holy Grail.  We had drunken mushrooms and for my entree I had Bangers & Colcannon, which was not stellar but a reasonable go at home style Irish comfort food.

I started with an Old Speckled Hen, an English pale ale.  It was drinkable but not outstanding.  I followed with a Dead Guy, Rogue Ale's German maibock.  Dead Guy was the hands down winner - no contest.  Made me wish I had skipped the Hen and gone right to the good stuff.  Just sayin' life's too short to drink ordinary beer when extraordinary beer can be had.

My previous comments on Dead Guy.


  1. The Rogue brewery in Newport isn't far from here and Dead Guy's pretty good stuff, although I got a little burned out on it. Their American Amber is outstanding and their Younger's Special Bitter is absolutely fantastic, though I'm not sure if they still make it - I think it's a once every few years thing. Grab it if you ever can find it.

    I had some Speckled Hen during our game session just this last week! Definitely that creamy english ale thing. I prefer Tetley's or Boddington's to it if I'm in the mood for that type beverage.

  2. Though it is VERY far from here, I have been to Rogue Brewery in Newport. I am big fan of their brews.

    I like Boddington's over Speckled Hen.

  3. It is always good to read notes from a fellow beer lover. I really love the English style ales and recall enjoying the last Old Speckled Hen that I had. It is a bit light and bubbly and hard to compare to a Dead Guy Ale, which is a bit heavier.

    I had some of the Flying Dog products at my favoritd pud, Union Jacks, this evening. One was the Garde Dog seasonal, I always enjoy finding it. Shall we say that we are brothers in arms (rpgs) and beverages?

  4. Yo, bro - I'll have to look for Flying Dog, I do not believe I have every tried it.


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