Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time to switch sides of the DM screen

In our gaming group we have a main regular game, and here and there we run alternates when we do not have a quorum for the main game.  So for the past four years I have been in the main game DM seat.  I enjoy both sides of the screen, but it has been quite a while since I was consistently on the other side and I am quite looking forward to being back among the adventuring masses.

I like to think being a DM improves my playing, and being a player improves my DMing.  Though we are 'playing' the same game, and doing it all together, it is quite a different experience behind the screen.  On the DM side I don't seek to win, but rather to put on a interesting, challenging and entertaining experience.  There is a new thread on ENWorld where the OP as an aside raises again the (g)notion the DM loses when the players win.  Balderdash!  I did not post in response because everything I wanted to say sounded like thread crapping and the OP is welcome to his opinion.

Now back on the player side, I am released - I can strive to win.  Of course, I will do it within the confines of the character I have created and have consideration for my fellow players.  Instead of focusing of all the game elements, I will focus on what my character wants.  Instead of creating multiple paths for the players to follow, my character will select a path.  Instead of wondering what the players will do to my carefully crafted adventure, my character will be doing unspeakable things to the DM's carefully crafted adventure.  Instead of calculating XP, I will be planning character responses to things I imagine the DM will throw at us.  Yes, my character will kill things and take their stuff.  Oh, and given he is a good cleric, he will save various and sundry good leaning beings and tithe heavily to the church.

All the while my characters fame and wealth grows, a small but growing itch will start again to get back on the other side of the screen.  Hopefully for quite a while that itch can be soothed by running the alternate adventure nights, because I have much killing and taking to catch up on.

The dice never lie.

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