Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeping the adventure alive

A little over two weeks ago a dear old friend & gaming partner came for a week plus visit.  They say you can never go home again, but I tell you when true old friends get together some things work like you were never apart.  As with all good celebrations there was food and drink, retelling of old stories, and catching up of new stories.  The adventures included, riding out Hurricane Irene, a camp out in the White Mountain National Forest and hike up the venerable Mt. Chocorua

We did manage to get in a dungeon crawl during the visit.  Our friend presided as DM, with some old characters from 1E days updated for our 3.5E game, plus some new characters for those who joined us who were not part of the group back in 'the day'.  I think it was as interesting for my wife and son to see my famed old wizard in action as it was fun for me to play him.  The play included an Orc & Worg outdoor encounter, a sneaky Orc shaman abush, a dangerous rope bridge (which did give way after a questionable decision to bolt across it), and an interesting trap involving alchemists fire.  (public service note: candle stubs pushed into the exit holes for alchemists fire in fact due little to contain the conflagration). A great time was had by all.

Some miscellaneous observations.  Although there are a great number of things which are different from our 1E house ruled game to our 3.5E house ruled game - the feel of our game with the old gang was not that different.  As always we didn't make it as far in the adventure as the DM expected (in our group this is true regardless of who DMs - so no slight against those behind the screen).  The NPC in the game which was ostensibly our guide was well played by the DM - she was there to handle the unanswered, unexpected questions and to keep the game moving if necessary but as soon as combat/danger arrived she disappeared to leave the party to fend for themselves as it should be.

So once again we find ourselves discussing how to continue the adventure using technology.  I'm interested in folks experience with tools that allow a group to gather in one location and have one or more individuals in remote locations play and DM.  It was far too long since the last outing of the old team and we have pledged to keep the adventure alive; much like we keep the friendship alive.

The dice never lie

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