Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Role Playing: Sometimes Its The Little Moments

In our last adventure we come across some dead elves in a clearing, being munched on by some over-sized owl bears.  We dispatched the owl bears, not out of revenge or outrage, but just to get them out of our way.  These elves were nasty and are our enemies.

Disappointed that we were not the ones to find the elves first and learn information we badly need, my half orc cleric decides to burn some spells to see if we can learn something the divine way.  He casts speak with dead on the first dead elf, and gets no response as apparently the dead creature makes its save.  

There are several other elf bodies around, so the next step is to try the spell again with my last remaining spell slot of the necessary level.  Wrong.  The next step is a 30 second role play moment.

Angry, my character composes himself to let his better nature rule the moment.  His better nature fails.  Enraged, he screams and hurls the dead elf into a nearby tree. (My character has an absurdly high strength) Now he moves onto the next dead elf.

 I was just reading the write up from the last adventure (Thanks Brian!), and couldn't help but laugh at that little bit of my over acting.  It is both fun and important to role play the big scenes when the DM brings out the NPCs and the reveal moments.  However, don't forget to role play the little moments along the way which keep your character from being a card board cut out.

The dice never lie.

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