Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Requiem for a Campaign

Looks like one of our campaigns has expired.  It seems to have run out of gas.  The DM no longer feels like he wants to continue in that campaign for a number of reasons - the departure of one of our group (we hope it is more of a sabbatical), lack of passion for the campaign, and the additional overhead of medium high levels of 3.5.  Sadly, it did not end with a bang, more like a mid season cancellation.  It is sad when that happens.  It is disappointing to not have closure. 

In its place rises a Spelljammer campaign.  The players are approaching it cautiously, like one might an exotic snake which you are told is not poisonous but know in your heart it must be.  The first session was fun, and we are adventurers...

I regret the lack of posting.  I was traveling on business, we are very busy preparing our home for sale, and I spent the last week fighting off a nasty cold.  I may have also tripped on a rock, had a hole in my glove and most certainly had the sun in my eyes.  Posting will remain spotty for a bit, there is more traveling ahead.

I will be on the look out for spring beer to taste and write about.


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