Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barad is going to play 4E

Our 3.5 game is on hiatus until the current DM is motivated to run a session.  My d20 Past game is waiting for me to get off my own butt and put an adventure together (nearly ready).  Life was busy the last several months with house sale, moving, house purchase, moving, holidays, and all.  Enough of excuses, time to get playing.

I have been fortunate enough to connect up with a DM who is going to run the Zeitgeist adventure, and to be invited to play.  I have never played 4E before.  I read some material and decided it was not for my 3.5 group, though I did happily 'borrow' some ideas from 4E which became house rules.  So this will be an adventure on a couple of levels.  There will be no edition bashing found here, but I will write some about my experience mixed in with my other posts.

I am going to play a wizard (arcanist).  I am going to favor controlling the battlefield and team work over being a blaster.  Nothing wrong with blasting, I just decided I wanted to be supportive of my fellow players who I have never met.  Nothing says 'thanks for having me' like the new guy showing up and playing a character who could appear focused on his own fun and not so much on the group.

A couple of impressions I am getting before I even arrive at the first session.  This is a very different game and my previous edition experience is not necessarily guiding me to good decisions about character building. I don't find the relative usefulness of some of my powers is intuitively obvious.  I'll need to play in a few sessions to really grok how things work.  Next, I don't think the powers terminology is immersive.  It does not feel 'right'.  However I think this is easily rectified by my diligence in thinking of them as spells and using the word spell whenever I communicate about them.  I will report back on the feel when actually playing.

All in all I am excited by the chance to play, meet some new people, and learn the rule set.  In that order.

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