Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Endless quest for the perfect summer beer - part 3

Summer is waning, the air is getting crisp, the leaves are getting ready to turn vibrant colors, and I did not write about Mexican beer! Once upon a time I drank Corona. I started long before it was the most heavily marketed of the Mexican Cervezas. Not fancy, just a good clean, crisp brew on a hot summer day. Then it happened: I started to get headaches from drinking just a few Coronas. Was it the dastardly buyout by some mega-brewing company that lead to this unfortunate turn of events? I will likely never know for certain but as I have blogged previously, AB products give me headaches. So long Corona, I knew you well. Now what. I have always liked Dos Equis, and still do, but that brew just does not have the hot summer day quenching ability that Corona had upon my tongue. Modela and Negro Modela are really too creamy to meet the requirements, and they too have become on my forbidden list for headache reasons (another AB buyout!). My old standby when I could not get Corona was Sol. It is a little less body than Corona but it is not too bad. The challenge is to find it, or any other Mexican beer for that matter, in the stores in this area. Corona has the market for Mexico beer space nearly locked up tight. Dos Equis sneaks in there but not much else. If you go to Mexico you will find Tecate and Presidente are on most menus. They are drinkable but far from my favorite. My current favorite is Pacifico. I took to drinking this on a trip to Mazatlan. Pacifico is the local brew there, started by a German immigrant of course. Apparently there was quite a large number of Germans who went to Mazatlan, and the remaining evidence can be found in the beer and music. I kid you not, you will hear oompah mariachi bands. Maybe I am remembering the trip fondly when I pop open a Pacifico, but I find them simple and refreshing, which is really what I want from my hot summer day brew. They are difficult to locate here outside of Mexican restaurants. Note to local retailers - stock them and I will buy them. I would recommend both Mazatlan and its native brew. What about you? What is your favorite summer Mexican cerveza?


  1. For me these days, it's Dos Equis Lager. It's clean, it's crisp, and I can drink it quickly when it's still ICE cold, which isn't something I can do with most beers.

    Another good summer beer, which isn't Mexican but Brazilian, is one called Brahma. Nothing better than Brazilian barbecue on a hot summer night with three or four of those bad boys to wash it all down with.

    Great articles, by the by! On to the autumn beers...?

  2. I will look for some Brahma on your recommendation. What is your Brazilian grilling? Is it Churrasco?

    Glad you like the articles. I didn't plan to make that a theme, but I am sure I will be talking about at least one autumn beer. Mostly it will be whatever I am drinking that moves me. (no puns intended there). Perhaps this season that will include some Porto, Scotch and Irish Whiskey in addition to the beer. Who knows.


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