Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Creation of Urth

The creator spoke to Eukko and bade him seek his brother Pasalad and the two should go to a place called Urth.  There they found Hyeshea and Eukko knew immediately that here was the mate he had long sought.  The place called Urth was barren and cold so each of them began giving it something of themselves.  First Eukko took the azure color of his skin and spread it overhead. Then the pure white of his hair and beard floated against the perfect blue background.  Lastly the bright burning orange of his eye became the light for all to see.  His brother followed and created the sea, deep green like his ruddy skin with its surface like his hair, pale green turning to white at its ends and he finished by making it like his eyes, clear one moment and grey and stormy the next.  Finally Eukko's new mate added her portion, the land.  Its contours both smooth and striking like her shapely form, its colors the many brown hues of her flawless complexion, the many yellows of her hair, and the greens of her eyes.  Then each populated their creation with creatures suitable to live in that dominion.

When they had finished the creator came to them and bade them make beings of their own image to tend this new paradise for them, for it was not fitting that they do this for themselves. The creator bade Pasalad create the life and give them skills, bade Hyeshea to give them strength and purpose, and bade Eukko finish them as he saw fit.  Then the creator bade them tend their flock and left them.

Joyfully Pasalad began his task, "I will model them after my beloved brother and his new wife as my gift to their mating". And when he had finished a score of scores of men and women stood before them, bright with life and full of skill.  All in the image of Eukko and Hyeshea save for color.  All three were pleased with the people and praises were given to Pasalad.

Seeing the joy of accomplishment on Pasalads face Hyeshea knew what gifts she would bestow upon the new guardians of Urth. Strength and purpose you will get for yourselves and be proud, so I give you death and birth and freewill, the tools you need for this growth.

Pasalad became outraged, "You would mock my gifts with flaws".  He threatened to destroy them but Eukko would not allow it because the creator had bade them.  So instead Pasalad took the sea from their realm, always will they yearn for the sea, the place of their creation but never can they truly return.  And then he made his brother do the same for the sky.  "Let them be prisoners of the realm of she who ruined them".  He them returned to the sea vowing never to return to land, and began the ceaseless pounding of the surf on the shore.

Hyeshea wanted to exact some revenge on Pasalad for his indignation upon her but Eukko forbade it.  "He will regret his actions yet not undo them for what is done is done.  Even though he bade me banish them from the sky they are still all of our children for did not the creator command us to this task?  I still have my gifts to bestow."  Eukko then gathered the children and gave them faith, hope, charity and wisdom. Eukko did not command they use them for Hyeshea had given them freewill and what is done is done.

The above is the beginning of the creation legend of my campaign world.  Next is a short clip of each god mentioned above

Eukko is a major god, head of pantheon and mate to Hyeshea.  Often called the "All Father", "Lord of the Air" or "Sun God".  He is LG and his domains are air, good, law, protection, strength, sun.  

Hyeshea is a major goddess, mother of pantheon and mate to Eukko.  Often called the "Dark Mother" or "Queen of the Underworld".  She is LE and her domains are death, earth, evil, law, and strength.

Pasalad is a major god and brother to Eukko.  He is often called "The Sea God" and "Storm King".  He is CG and his domains are chaos, good, strength, travel, water.

I feel that a creation legend is critical for the flavor of a campaign (at least one, there can certainly be more than one - in fact this is the human creation legend other humanoids have their own).  More than just color, I use mine to telegraph my spin on good vs. evil as you many note the seeds in the legend above.  

What do you think?  Is a creation legend useful to players or just the DM exersizing creative juices that no one reads more than once and never considers again?


  1. I think it's a fun and creative endeavor, but each deity or mythos will have its own take on the matter - in our campaigns at least, this opens the door to multiple creation stories, so I don't spend a lot of time on them and wouldn't unless they're somehow involved with the overall plot and course of the campaign (something to more address perhaps once the PCs have reached a very high level indeed).

    That's just my take on it. My computer programming teacher in high school suggested to our class that they vote me the "One most likely to invent a new religion or cult" so make what you will of that. Man that guy was a dick.

  2. ze bullette - was he right though, did you invent a new cult? perhaps inadvetantly? :)

  3. I think creation myths are worthwhile (of course, this is coming from someone who counts The Silmarillion among his favorite books). It does add color and flavor and a measure of depth to the campaign.

    At lower levels these myths may not directly come into play (PCs are generally too busy trying to survive and hoard wealth), but as the campaign progresses the big picture comes more into focus. I think that's the direction we're currently heading.


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