Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Divination, Reflecting On The Advice

Interesting how sometimes post topics get away from you.  I had only intended to write one divination post and here I am at number four.  In my last post, I was waiting for the party to decide on their next action and wondering how they would interpret and use the results of the two divination spells.

At the end of the evening, just before breaking up, they received the second divination.  They really wanted a result which did not involve heading back to civilization, and instead allowed them plunge ahead.  The parting conversation was all about attempting to interpret the result as positive, or finding the trickery in the words which would allow resolution of the problem.  If we had continued on that night I believe they would have rationalized going forward with the doom and death divination.

Ah, it was not to be.  The gift of time between sessions had them all reflect on the results.  They independently and uniformly decided the best course of action was to head back to civilization and seek the bard.  At the end of the last session they had made it back to civilization, leveled up, learned more useful information, and convinced the bard (though reluctantly) to accompany them.  We will see if this was wise in the end, or if they asked the correct divination questions.  I may even write another post about it after it is done if it does not spoil future play.

The group decision mechanics were interesting.  The frustration with the length of time it has taken to find the legendary artifact both in real and game terms has certainly played a huge part in the decisions.  I find the whole thing fascinating - I hope the players are having as much fun.  No spoilers for them here though - I know some of them actual read this darn blog.  Besides, do not post anything on the intrawebs you do not want everyone to know.

The (less than perfect cheap dice I roll which most certainly have a bias) never lie.  Cheers!

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