Sunday, January 9, 2011

Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier

Sammy Adams brewery does well for me more often than they fall short, so when I saw the Blackberry Witbier on the shelf I snapped it right up.

It has a hazy yellow/gold color, more color that I typically see in a wheat beer.  The first taste is the hardly hoppy at all wheat beer, followed quickly by the blackberries and spice, which fades to the only slightly bitter faintly sticky malt aftertaste.  The carbonation was medium.  I found it very well balanced and easy to drink.  It is very dry; the blackberries only provide a fleeting sweet note.

I enjoy a berry wheat style beer, so I favor this style when it is dry like this.  I like and recommend this brew, but not for just this style all night (if you happen to be one of those who will drink more than 1 or 2).  I found that I enjoyed 1 or 2 of these either as the first beer, or as a palate cleanser between changing beer styles.


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  1. Ol' Sam A. brews some good stuff. I've been faithful to the Magic Hat mixed 12 pack this winter. I need to write about some brews so I'll get on it.


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