Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why can't we all get along?

Mike Mearls the Group Manager for the D&D Research and Development team made a blog post at the WotC web page which was essentially why we should all get along. 

A few clips from his post include: "These days, when we think about D&D’s past and present, we all too often think of it in adversarial tones....  Whether you play the original game published in 1974, AD&D in any of its forms, 3rd Edition and its descendants, or 4th Edition, at the end of the day you’re playing D&D....  Don’t let that details drive us apart when the big picture says we should be joined together."

Now a number of folks at ENWorld, and I am sure on other venues, responded with vitriol (I love that word, don't you?).  In essence they declare that he is a mouth piece for WotC and they are primarily motivated to convince those of us who are not buying 4th Edition to all make nice and buy stuff from them.

I have spent some time deeply analyzing that and have come to a remarkable conclusion.  Duh! Of course they want us to believe that.  What idiot out there thinks otherwise?  However, that does not make the statement untrue. 

What binds us together in this hobby of D&D is greater than the differences of the game versions, house rules, or home brew campaigns all of us nut cases can possibly put together.  Furthermore, I believe those who are divisive are in fact a vocal minority.  I don't care what version of the game you play or why.  I love hearing about your clever ideas, interesting campaign moments, idle musings and random rants.  To me, it is all relevant because no matter what version of the game, or its spin offs, you are playing I find common ground with you all.

Here, I will say it.  Why can't we all get along?  Well, some folks don't want to get along.  The rest of us are getting along just fine.

The dice never lie.


  1. You know good and well that the entree-net is full of childishness. Of course, some of that childishness will be aimed at defending or damning our favorite rpgs. I have too little time to get into the arguments and lurk in my little corner and play my retro-clones.

  2. Lurkers have to come out of their corners once in a while and tell the world all is well.


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