Sunday, March 13, 2011

How the divination worked out

In a number of rambling posts on divination (starting way back here) I stopped at the point where the party acted on the advice provided.  It turned out between the divination, some old diary entries, the group's analysis of the situation, and some blind luck they were able to enter the tomb of the barbarian princess.

Some ancient text in the tomb warning of dire consequences further worried them about touching any of the vast amounts of wealth arrayed around the sarcophagus.  The two large statues they suspected to be golems played a part in creating worry too.  This group, being mostly good and somewhat lawful, decided not to rob this tomb and only took the artifact weapon as was allowed by all the history they had found.  One character stated, "We are not grave robbers!" to the general amusement of the entire group.  We are left to wonder if the warnings had been less dire, or the protections less impressive looking, had their alignment held - or would they have taken the treasure for the 'greater good'?  The might be good fodder for an alignment post some time.

In the end, it seems the divinations proved useful and I do not feel it gave away the game or made the outings less fun.  In fact, since they perceived themselves to be stuck, I think it made the game more fun by helping them move along without DM deus ex machina.  It was the gods help for sure, but the players asked for it on their terms and that makes all the difference.

The dice never lie.  Cheers.

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